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Adam Birnbaum Trio

Composer: Adam Birnbaum
Composition: Dream Songs
Instrumentation: Piano, Acoustic Bass, Drums

New York, NY 2008

Adam Rudolph's Moving Pictures

Composer: Adam Rudolph

Composition: Glare of the Tiger

Instrumentation: Multiple percussion instruments, thumb piano, sintir, cornet/flugelhorn, multiple woodwinds, electric keyboards, guitar and bass

Maplewood, NJ 2016

Adam Rudolph's Moving Pictures Octet

Composer: Adam Rudolph
Composition: Dream Garden Suite
Instrumentation: 2 Percussion/Vocal, Oud/Percussion/Vocal, Cornet/Flugelhorn, Electric/Acoustic Guitar/Banjo, 2 Woodwinds, Contrabass/Oud and Sinter

Venice, CA 2007

Adam Rudolph's Moving Pictures

Composer: Adam Rudolph

Composition: Both/And

Instrumentation: Hand Drums/Percussion, Woodwinds, Trombone/Percussion, Cornet/Flugelhorn, Oud/Percussion, Guitars, Acoustic Bass Guitar, Percussion

Maplewood, NJ 2009

Afro-Semitic Experience

Composer: David Chevan
Composition: The Road the Heals the Splintered Soul
Instrumentation: Bass, Piano/Keyboards, Saxophone/Flute/Clarinets, Drum Set, African Drums/Percussion, Dobro/Violin/Lap Steel Guitar

New Haven, CT 2008

Alan Ferber Nonet

Composer: Alan Ferber

Composition: Roots & Transitions

Instrumentation: Trombone, Tenor and Alto Saxophones, Trumpet, Bass Clarinet, Guitar, Piano, Bass, Drums

South Orange, NJ 2013

Alchemy Sound Project

Composer: Erica Lindsay

Composition: Meditations on Transformation

Instrumentation: Trumpet, Trombone, Tenor saxophone, Woodwinds, Piano, Bass, Drums

Seattle, WA 2017

Alexis Cuadrado Group

Composer: Alexis Cuadrado 
Composition: A Lorca Soundscape
Instrumentation: Bass, Piano, Drums, Voice, Saxophone

Brooklyn, NY 2011

Alexis Cuadrado Quintet

Composer: Alexis Cuadrado
Composition: Noneto Iberico
Instrumentation: 2 Saxophones, Trumpet, Trombone, Guitar, Piano, Bass, Percussion, Drums

Brooklyn, NY 2008

Ambrose Akinmusire Quartet

Composer: Ambrose Akinmusire

Composition: tides of hyacinth

Instrumentation: Trumpet, piano/keyboards, bass, drums

Oakland, CA 2016

Amina Figarova Sextet PLUS

Composer: Amina Figarova

Composition: TBD

Instrumentation: Flutes, Tenor/Soprano Saxophone, Trumpet/Flugelhorn, Piano, Bass, Drums, Violin, Viola, Cello

New York, NY 2019

Andre Raffo Dewar’s Interactions Quartet

Composer:  Andrew Raffo Dewar
Composition:  Strata, Book 2
Instrumentation: Soprano Saxophone; Oboe; English Horn; Acoustic and Electric Guitars; Percussion

Tuscaloosa, AL 2012

Andrea Brachfeld Quartet

Composer: Andrea Brachfeld

Composition: If Not Now, When

Instrumentation: Flute/alto flute, piano, bass, drums

Jersey City, NJ 2017

Andrew Hill Point of Departure Sextet

Composer: Andrew Hill
Composition: Bellezza Appassita
Instrumentation: Trumpet, Tenor Saxophone, Reeds, Piano, Bass, and Drums


Andrew Oliver and The Kora Band

Composer:  Andrew Oliver
Composition:  Distant Cousins
Instrumentation: Trumpet, Kora, Guitar, Piano, Bass, Drums, Percussion

Portland, OR 2012

Andy Middleton Quartet

Composer: Andy Middleton
Composition: Muir Woods Suite
Instrumentation: Soprano Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Bass Clarinet, Piano, Bass, and Drums

Brooklyn, NY 2004

Andy Milne and Dapp Theory

Composer: Andy Milne

Composition: The Seasons of Being

Instrumentation: Piano, Keyboards, Rapper, Saxophone, Clarinets, Douduk, Electric and Acoustic Bass, Drums, Guitar, Cello, Baritone and Alto Saxophones, Voice and Narration, Trumpet

Shohola, PA 2013

Andy Milne and Dapp Theory

Composer: Andy Milne

Composition: Layers of Chance Suite

Instrumentation: Piano, Keyboard, Voice & Percussive Poetry, Alto Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, Bass, Drums, Percussion

Shohola, PA 2006

Arun Ramamurthy Trio

Composer: Arun Ramamurthy

Composition: TBD

Instrumentation: Violin, Bass, Drums

Brooklyn, NY 2019


Composer: Gerry Hemingway

Composition: Anniversary Works

Instrumentation: Contrabass, Drums, Trombone

Plainsboro, NJ 2006

Ben Allison and Medicine Wheel

Composer: Ben Allison
Composition: Peace Pipe Suite
Instrumentation: Piano, Saxophones, Guitar, Bass, and Drums

New York, NY 2001

Ben Goldberg Quintet

Composer: Ben Goldberg

Composition: Orphic Machine

Instrumentation: Clarinet, Violin/Viola, Tenor Saxophone, Bass, Drums

New York, NY 2010

Ben Kono Group

Composer: Ben Kono

Composition: Don't Blink

Instrumentation: Woodwinds, Guitars, Bass, Piano, Fender Rhodes, Percussion

Nyack, NY 2013

Ben Kono Group

Composer: Ben Kono

Composition: work in progress

Instrumentation: Saxophone/Woodwinds, Guitar, Piano/Fender Rhodes, Bass, Drums/Percussion, String Quartet

Nyack, NY 2018

Ben Waltzer Trio

Composer: Ben Waltzer
Composition: Roundabout in Rhythm
Instrumentation: Trombone, Tuba, Saxophone, Piano, Bass, and Drums

Brooklyn, NY 2004

Ben Wendel Group

Composer: Ben Wendel

Composition: work in progress

Instrumentation: Saxophone, bassoon, Fender Rhodes, guitar, piano, bass, drums

Brooklyn, NY 2017

Ben Wendel Group

Composer: Ben Wendel
Composition: Six
Instrumentation: Saxophone/Bassoon, Fender Rhodes, Piano, Acoustic Bass, Drums, Guitar

Santa Monica, CA 2008

Ben Wolfe Sextet

Composer: Ben Wolfe
Composition: Contradictions
Instrumentation: Piano, Bass, and Drums

New York, NY 2004

Bennie Maupin Ensemble

Composer: Bennie Maupin
Composition: Inner Sky
Instrumentation: Saxophone, Clarinet, Piano, Bass, Drums, and Percussion

Altadena, CA 2001

Bert Wilson and Rebirth

Composer: Bert Wilson
Composition: Universal Variant and 4TMT (For Trane, Monk, and Tatum)
Instrumentation: Soprano Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Flute, Piccolo, Trumpet, Trombone, Bass Violin, and Piano

Olympia, WA 2001

Billy Childs and Jazz-Chamber Ensemble

Composer: Billy Childs
Composition: Man Chasing the Horizon
Instrumentation: Saxophones, Flutes, Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass, Harp,  Piano, Guitar, and Drums

Altadena, CA 2004

Billy Harper Quintet

Composer: Billy Harper
Composition: Thoughts and Slow Actions/Cast the First Stone
Instrumentation: Trumpet, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Piano, Bass, and Drums

New York, NY 2001

Blackman, Murray, Russo

Composer: Alan Blackman

Composition: The Coastal Suite

Instrumentation: Piano, Fender Rhodes, Bass, Drums, Saxophone, Percussion

Baltimore, MD 2011

Bobby Avey Ensemble

Composer: Bobby Avey

Composition: Authority Melts from Me

Instrumentation: Piano, Bass, Drums, Guitar, Alto Saxophone

Brooklyn, NY 2011

Brad Shepik Quintet

Composer: Brad Shepik
Composition: Human Activity Suite
Instrumentation: Guitar/Saz, Trumpet, Piano/Accordian, Bass, Drums

Brooklyn, NY 2007

Brandon Ross and For Living Lovers+

Composer: Brandon Ross
Composition: Immortal Obsolesence
Instrumentation: Acoustic Guitar, Acoustic Bass Guitar, Cornet, Drums

Brooklyn, NY 2014