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CYNTHIA COZETTE LEE’S inspiring award-winning music is soon to become published. Also two recordings of her original voice and piano works and award-winning flute works are due to be released in 2022.




  • Alexander String Quartet
  • Argus Quartet
  • Formosa Quartet
  • Horszowski Trio
  • Polonsky-Shifrin-Wiley Trio
  • Atlantic Brass Quintet
  • New Century Saxophone Quartet
  • Viva Tango!
  • William Kanegniser
  • David Itkin
Music at Bunker Hill
See website for details on our spring 2021 concerts with Catalyst Quartet, Sybarite5, and A Festival of Strings with Alumnae of the Perlman Music Program.

The 2021 Great Lakes Chamber Music Festival will include an in-person concert schedule June 13-20 and a virtual concert schedule in July. Live performances will take place in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Concert dates, times, programs and artists will be announced shortly. The Festival host is Paul Watkins, Artistic Director.

Todd Mason

June 2021 - Recording session with Lyris Quartet - String Quartets No. 2 & No. 3.

Chikako Iversen

Commisioned and produced an alubum has released.

This work incdludes a concerto featuring the Double Contrabass Flute, Double Contrabass and Marimba and Suites featuring the Flute orchestra.


John Damberg Latin Jazz Quintet

John Damberg Latin Jazz Quintet performance update. 

We are working on putting together new virtual concerts combining a mix of the best of our past concerts and new video footage of the new songs we are currently composiing our next CD. We will post virtual concert dates for Spring and summer 2021 by March 2021. 

John Damberg Latin Jazz Quintet

Greetings everyone and Happy New Year for 2021!

We are taking advantage of the extra free time we have with the break in our live performance schedule during the Coronavirus pandemic to compose new and record new songs for our next recording to be released in July 2021. We will let you know when our project is finished. So stay tuned.

Noteworthy Sheet Music

Though written for solo piano, many songs in Béla Bartók’s “For Children” collection are readily amenable to arrangement for two winds. NSM now offers an edition with 25 pieces from Book 1, after Hungarian folksongs, arranged as duets for flute (or oboe) and clarinet.