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Dr. Cynthia Cozette Lee
Professional Musician

PO Box 2074
Philadelphia, PA, 19103

Additional Info
Classical, New Music
Piccolo, Piano, Flute

DR. CYNTHIA COZETTE LEE is an award-winning contemporary Black American classical music composer, arranger, educator and poet. She is a gifted performer on the flute and piano. She has a growing catalog of more than 150 compositions for vocal, orchestral, choral, chamber, string and wind ensembles and more than a dozen flute works as well as operas. Her music has been performed with professional organizations such as the South Florida Chamber Ensemble, National Association of Negro Musicians and the Peabody Conservatory of Music. She is an innovative composer looking for collaborations and commissions. For more information and a copy of Dr. Lee’s music catalog of original works please visit her website:



Thank you to the Peabody Conservatory brilliant performers – Sierra Leslie in the role of Peaches (Soprano), Cassidy Dixon in the role of Adea  (Soprano), Darius R. Sanders in the role of Scoopy (Tenor), and Stephanie Baird – piano accompanist, Eileen Cornett-Director for an excellent "Adea" opera performance!


CYNTHIA COZETTE LEE’S inspiring award-winning music is soon to become published. Also two recordings of her original voice and piano works and award-winning flute works are due to be released in 2022.


Be Happy for the Wonders and Miracles of the Holiday Season! Read inspiring poems in Cynthia Cozette Lee's book The Forgotten Schoolhouse: Original Songs and Stories on Faith Love Nature and Wonder