Together We Sound: Pop-Up Concert & Stroll-up at Dequinder Cut

Saturday, June 08, 2019

1:00 PM
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Akropolis is giving 2 outdoor pop-up performances in large-scale public spaces during our 2019 festival. In the past, our pop-up performances have taken place at outdoor gathering spots, grocery stores, coffee shops, malls, and more. This year, the final concert of our festival is truly something unique.

Join Akropolis at the Dequindre Cut Freight Yard —a new food, beverage, and pop-up retail space along the former Grand Trunk Railroad line-turned-bike path for a concert centered around bikes, food, & fun. Akropolis is joined by metal artist Juan Martinez, who will bring his larger-than-life metal mechanical animal bikes for the public to ride and enjoy. In addition to Martinez’ animal bikes, Akropolis will give a public outdoor performance of Sprocket, where composer Steven Snowden joined the reed quintet with a rideable percussion bicycle designed and fabricated by Juan Martinez, and performed on by local experimental percussionist, Zac Brunell. Bike over early or stay late to ride and interact with all these mobile machines!

Ensemble Name
Akropolis Reed Quintet
Tim Gocklin, Kari Landry, Andrew Koeppe, Matt Landry, Ryan Reynolds
Speakers / Participants
Zac Bru
Steven Snowden

Steven Snowden: Sprocket, Scrap Metal Sextet for Reed Quintet and rideable percussion bike

Dequinder Cut Freight Yard
Detroit, MI