SOLI Presents: Electrified Air

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

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7:00 PM
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SOLI Chamber Ensemble
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Anne Schelleng

Contemporary classical meets electric guitar. 


SOLI Chamber Ensemble continues its season with Grammy award-winning electric guitarist D. J. Sparr. This innovative evening fuses the sounds of diverse music spheres - phasing, loops, and funk meet rock, flavors of jazz, and contemporary classical harmonies to bring electrifying energy to the ear.


SOLI’s digital event includes the world premieres of three works: Hammer and Nail by Anthony Joseph Lanman, A Singing Planet by Olivia Kieffer, and the SOLI commissioned work A Bell Outside a Bell Inside a Bell by D. J. Sparr.


Electrified Air will premiere on Wednesday March 17 at 7:00 pm CDT on SOLI’s YouTube Channel.


Ensemble Name
SOLI Chamber Ensemble
Stephanie Key, Ertan Torgul, David Mollenauer, Carolyn True
Speakers / Participants
D. J. Sparr
D. J. Sparr, Anthony Lanman, Armando Bayolo, Jay Mobley, Olivia Kieffer, Marc Mellits, Ryan Brown

Vim-Hocket, Calm (1997) | D. J. Sparr (b. 1975)
for electric violin, and electric guitar

Hammer and Nail (2016) | Anthony Joseph Lanman (b. 1979)
World Premiere

for piano and electric guitar

movements from Little Black Book (2012) | Armando Bayolo (b. 1973)
for electric guitar

Pepto-Bismol Pink (2016) | Jay Mobley (b. 1988)
for clarinet and electric guitar

A Bell Outside a Bell Inside a Bell (2019-2020) | D. J. Sparr
World Premiere
for clarinet, violin, cello, and piano

A Singing Planet (2013) | Olivia Kieffer (b. 1980)
World Premiere
for electric guitar

Troica (1998) | Marc Mellits (b. 1966)
for violin, electric guitar, and piano

Our Friend Adam (2007/2020) | Ryan Brown (b. 1979)
for bass clarinet, violin, electric guitar, cello, and piano

A SOLI Digital Event
San Antonio, TX