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We are discussing the responsibility of our organization to purchase or not purchase the musician's music for concerts.  The concerts run the month of June and will not be performed again.  Our approach in the past is to pay the performers more than the average in our area to offset cost of music.  We have had one performer this summer voice the opinion that we should provide music and details of rehearsals along with the repertoire. 


What do other organizations do?  How do you stiupluate this in the contract?  Pro's and con's?  Thank you!!


I have no helpful information but saw this post and had to say a quick hello to my hometown of Omaha!

Mike Freeman

music acquisition

ChamberMusicNY purchases and then loans out all of its own sheet music to its contract performers. We do this for 3 reasons:

1. We do wish to build our own library of parts and scores for future performances and rehearsals. We loan the parts and scores to the performers and all are marked "do not copy" and "mark in pencil only".

2. We believe that purchasing the music from the publisher or renting it from the publisher's agent helps us meet the correct copyrights and performance rights as a presenter.

3. Many compositions have several different editions and we want to select the edition.

Hope this helps-
David Krivit