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German soprano and vocal performer Frauke Aulbert will show, teach and talk about her work in contemporary music, extended singing techniques and improvisation at the Gallery MC on Monday, June 23rd from 5 - 9pm. Vocal multi-phonics, overtone and undertone singing and other experimental techniques might be focused on. An open discussion will examine where the "extension" in vocal work actually begins: with non-vibrato singing? Or is even lyrical singing extended? Frauke Aulbert aims  a flexible, multi-color voice approach which sophisticatedly and highly musically adjusts to both the personal voice of the performer AND the requirements of a score.

This exciting event will begin with a performance by Ms. Aulbert displaying various and also extreme singing techniques, followed by an open discussion. The second half will be a masterclass/workshop for vocalists interested in working on specific pieces (Berio, Cage, Scelsi, Aperghis for example) or a specific technique and composers wishing to learn more about exploring, understanding and incorporating them.

5-6 PM: Performance, open discussion
6:30-9 PM: Masterclass/workshop. Performers and composers may bring specific pieces to work on or chose to explore a particular (extended) vocal technique.