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Petros Klampanis
Professional Musician

634 St. Nicholas Ave 6G
New York, NY, NY10030

Additional Info
Jazz, New Music, World Music
Piano, Accoustic Guitar, Voice, Vibraphone, Classical Guitar, Electric Guitar, Violin, Percussion, Viola, Saxophone, Cello, Double Bass, Electric Bass, Other

Bassist, composer, and arranger Petros Klampanis grew up on the Zakynthos Island in Greece, a place with very rich musical heritage where Italian and Balkan music traditions melt together. He has studied in both Amsterdam Conservatory and Aaron Copland School of Music. His debut album CONTEXTUAL has received rave reviews. Petros regularly performs in NY and around the world with his group, also called Contextual, which consists of: Gilad Heksleman-gt, Jean-Michel Pilc-p, John Hadfield-prc, Megan Gould-vl, Maria Manousaki-vl, Lev "Ljova" Zhurbin-vla, Julia MacLaine-vlc. His upcoming album is scheduled to be release in 2013.



Next performance: 1st of MAY, CONTEXTUAL @ The Cornelia Street Cafe!


Getting ready for the next album with CONTEXTUAL.