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Mary Au
Professional Musician

2325 Brandon St.
Los Angeles, CA, 90026
[H] (323) 666-2603 | [C] (310) 508-8116

Additional Info

Mary Au, is "a virtuoso artist of the highest order, completely in command of the instrument, which she plays with intensity, concentration and great expressive sensitivity. Her presence in the concert hall is magnetic, commanding the full attention of the audience, before, during and after her performance." . Hailed for her "sensitive, seamless transition between chamber music collaboration and piano accompaniment", Au is noted for her impassioned performances & versatility. As a committed advocate of contemporary music, Au is known for her presentation of "Faces of Eve" & programs that showcases music of East & West. Graduate of the Royal Academy of Music & the University of Southern California. Former executive of the GRAMMY Awards.