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Mr. Dan Knight
Professional Musician

309 Tyler Trail Court #418
Charlotte, NC, 28262
(319) 471-7851

Additional Info
Classical, Jazz, New Music

Steinway Artist, composer. Peerless improvisor in the traditions of both the great masters of the French Organ School and American mainstream jazz. His contemporary classical compositions, especially those inspired by works of visual art, represent a groundbreaking, seamless synthesis of innovative, thorough composition and passionate improvisation. Founder, "The Kandinsky Society," a society of writers, artists, dancers, and musicians dedicated to dismantling artistic barriers and fostering interdisciplinary collaboration. Composer, "The Walt Whitman Suite," nominated for 2008 Pulitzer Prize. Protege of Tillie Maither (student of Paderewski) and Dr. Billy Taylor (protege of Art Tatum).



Pianist, Composer

Steinway Artist (since 1996)

Currently a Lecturer, Musical Collaborator in the Department of Dance, College of Arts and Architecture, the University of North Carolina, Charlotte.