Tuba Trio in Concert

Thursday, October 19, 2017

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  • $45 Thursday Edgepass General Admission
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8:00 PM
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Edgefest_KerryTown Concert House
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New Music
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Joseph Daley
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Joseph Daley’s Tuba Trio performs the Tuba Trio Chronicles which explores the improvisational concepts of the visionary composer & multi-instrumentalist Sam Rivers and is dedicated to his memory.

“This music colors/shades, reflects/deflects, echoes/contradicts, calls/responds, parries/thrusts and swirls about in a pastiche of joyous abandon and transcendent expression.”

Ensemble Name
Tuba Trio
Joseph Daley, Scott Robinson, Warren Smith
Joseph Daley

 "Interplay" which Daley describes as "An exploration into the intervallic melodic concepts of Sam Rivers …" which underlies improvisations by Daley on Euphonium (and he displays remarkable facility on this) and Robinson on tenor. "Modality" is centered on a modal line as a theme for the three with Daley on tuba, Robinson on bass sax and Smith adding bass marimba accents with remarkable interaction between Daley and Robinson. For "Emergence," Smith is on tympani, gongs, bass drum and Chinese cymbal, Daley on Euphonium while Robinson is on the sour sounding contrabass sarrusophone and the jazzphone (the latter a trumpet sounding instrument) and the feel of the performance is akin to some Art Ensemble of Chicago performances. "Sonorous" is a similar open improvisation vehicle with Robinson's bass sax replacing the sarrusophone and Daley on tuba including playing it with a mute. These performances are like abstract painting with sound as opposed to colors with bit of melody mixing with the tuba's bass lines and the rhythmic accents of gongs and other percussion.

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