ETHEL performs "Grace"

Sunday, March 09, 2014

3:00 PM
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Gordon Center for the Performing Arts
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In every sense of the word, "Grace" provides effortless beauty and charm, goodwill, a favor, and a reprieve.

This program is a journey to redemption through music. In complex, stressful times and in a world

overwhelmed by seemingly irreconcilable differences and unsustainable challenges, music provides both an

immediate tonic of relief and a medium for real long-term healing and understanding. ETHEL has pursued

this aspect of their art in many ways over the years, both in their own creative output, and in opening their

hearts and skills to close collaboration with master artists from diverse cultures across the globe. The

centerpiece of this astonishing program is ETHEL's own adaptation of Ennio Morricone's moving score to

the 1986 film, The Mission. Morricone’s score was nominated for an Academy Award in 1986 and won the

Golden Globe Award for Best Original Score. The film deals with cross-cultural complexities and potential

calamaties fueled by the quest for redemption against the backdrop of the jungles of South America.

Also featured on the concert are special quartet treatments honoring the 20th anniversary of the release of

Jeff Buckley's Grace – his glorious, and tragically, only, completed studio album. Favorite ETHEL

composers and collaborators Phil Kline (USA), Mary Ellen Childs (USA), James Bilagody (Navajo Nation),

Marcelo Zarvos (Brazil), and Carlo Mombelli (South Africa), fill out the program with works both searching

and deeply joyful.

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Gordon Center for the Performing Arts
3506 Gwynnbrook Ave
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